Is not just a local recipe! We are gourmet in Puglia

Puglia at the table is a triumph of colours, smells and authentic genuine flavours thanks to the Mediterranean diet and its simple yet savoury cuisine made out of local ingredients and based on homemade pasta such as orecchiette, meat and fish-based specialties, seasonal vegetables, dairy products, excellent regional wines, extra virgin olive oil and many bakery products- all of which provide heart healthy diet low in saturated fat.

Simply said, Puglia has all the ingredients for your dream culinary adventure!

According to your tastes and your abilities, we can organise hands-on cooking classes so you can learn how to prepare delicious local recipes yourself. It’s possible to learn how to prepare several kinds of menus such as “farm-to-table”, traditional Apulian - using ancient recipes, or seafood in addition to pizza and focaccia making. All of these options can be catered to vegetarians on request.
Before starting your cooking class with our chefs, a visit to our local fruit, vegetable and fish market will offer you the most unique way to explore our culinary heritage.
Whether you are a beginner or just want to fine tune your cooking abilities, you will become an Apulian chef for a day. Thanks to the secret insights received during the cooking class, you will be able to replicate Apulian dishes once back home.
You can choose to meet several different types of chefs, from a professional or Michelin Star chef in a chic, world renowned restaurant to a pizza maker in a local pizzeria. However, if you want to get close to the divinest of chefs Mamma and Nonna do it best!
All our cooking classes are private and can be arranged in exclusive locations such as a noble palace, a castle, an estate, an organic farm, a Michelin star restaurant, etc.
At these exclusive and private properties, we can also arrange a cooking demonstration with an unforgettable lunch or dinner prepared by your Chef.

Our images are captured by a community of local photographers skilled in revealing the beauty of Puglia, our home. We love inspiring photographers to capture the essence of our travel experiences in order to share the allure of our people, food, landscapes, art, ect. If you are a professional photographer or video maker and you would like to take part in one of our experiences in exchange for visual material, please contact us.

Photo credits: Tommaso Pini @direfarescattare - Lucilla Cuman @lucillacumanph - Marialba Pandolfini @tourango

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