It’s not just tradition! We are creative in Puglia.

We love sharing stories, ideas, and innovations expressed by talented local people through our craft experiences, while preserving Puglia’s beauty and identity.

We offer different experiences which allow you to discover Made in Puglia first hand such us:

Visiting artisans in their laboratories (demonstration). Take a guided tour through an artisanal workshop (Bottega) to discover the local heritage represented in their creations.
Spending a day learning the secrets of a skill (hands-on workshop). From total beginners to the more adept, our artisans have something for everyone. Our master craftsmen will teach you their techniques and after your day as an artisan, you will take home more than just what you created.
Enjoying an out-of-the-ordinary guided sightseeing tour with talented people, the perfect storytellers inspired by tradition, fashion, music, nature, and folklore.

The list of artistic fields is extensive and we can customized private visits and hands-on workshops in a variety of studios.
On offer you’ll find paper-mache, ceramic and Lecce stone workshops and demonstrations (in both contemporary and ancient styles),wood and pottery experiences, handwoven basket weaving from reeds, willow and olive branches, tambourine making demonstration, ancient weaving tour and demonstration and the list goes one.
Of course, we can also, customize out-of-the-ordinary guided sightseeing tours with many divers and talented people.
If you love fashion, try a shopping tour with our local fashion designer discovering all of the local styles and artisan made commodities. For those passionate about photography, accompany a local photographer to take photos of the best local points of interest at sunrise, sunset or under the moonlight. For music lovers, you can meet a musical instruments collector with pieces from all over the word who has transformed his house into a museum. Otherwise, you can explore the hidden side of several cities through their graffiti and murals in a tour guided by street artists.
The tours support local artisans and family-run businesses all while keeping the ancient arts alive, especially at a time when technology and globalization are forcing small businesses to close.

Your presence and participation in Puglia’s historic workshops will help keep their doors open, literally!

Our images are captured by a community of local photographers skilled in revealing the beauty of Puglia, our home. We love inspiring photographers to capture the essence of our travel experiences in order to share the allure of our people, food, landscapes, art, ect. If you are a professional photographer or video maker and you would like to take part in one of our experiences in exchange for visual material, please contact us.

Photo credits: Lucilla Cuman @lucillacumanph - Marialba Pandolfini @tourango

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