It's not just nature! We are also active in Puglia!

Puglia is rich in natural resources and also offers stunning landscapes and it is, therefore, the perfect place to enjoy wonderful open-air activities.
We can create incredible experiences that can combine the extraordinary world of nature with all levels of activities, together with exclusive and tailor-made ”extras”, resulting in a world of adventure such as hiking during the day or at night under the stars, biking and horse riding. You can also add many other additional activities such as kayaking or snorkelling to further enhance your natural experience, to challenge yourself or simply to escape from hectic everyday life. Just take a break and relax!
Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, it's possible to walk/bike/horseback ride/kayak/snorkel from March to November, and when the days get too hot (especially in July and August) you can enjoy the journeys under the moon and stars (with no light pollution!).
Your host will be an outdoor environmental guide, who will share their passion for nature with you and will bring you to the most pristine and hidden places in Salento. All our hosts are local and professional with a high level of skill in a variety of outdoor activities, together with a knowledge of relevant health and safety procedures, outdoor first aid skills, and an excellent knowledge of weather conditions and geography in the area where they work.

We design easy outdoor itineraries suitable even for children or for those who are usually unsure about attempting these kinds of experiences

At the end of each itinerary, you will be rewarded with a typical final Apulian aperitif, a light meal of local food and drink to enchant your palate.

On request we can also tailor every single itinerary with the following services:

Design a more complex route

Picnic in nature

Restaurant lunch at the end of your outdoor activities

Session with a yoga trainer either before or after your outdoor activities

Our images are captured by a community of local photographers skilled in revealing the beauty of Puglia, our home. We love inspiring photographers to capture the essence of our travel experiences in order to share the allure of our people, food, landscapes, art, ect. If you are a professional photographer or video maker and you would like to take part in one of our experiences in exchange for visual material, please contact us.

Photo credits: Lucilla Cuman @lucillacumanph - Marialba Pandolfini @tourango

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